Event Planning

At J J L Events, we work closely with you, helping you with as much or as little of your event as you desire. With us by your side, your event decisions will be much more manageable. Our consultants offer professional advice and guidance throughout the designing, planning and execution of your event. At every stage of the event process, we can be by your side, taking on those headaches and stresses that get in your way.

Special Services,
Tent and Other Rentals

In addition to assisting with the design of your event, we will offer possibilities you may not have considered (including unique ideas, opportunities to save you money, options for specific details to keep within your budget and much more). We have relationships with a variety of people and businesses so that we have extensive resources to pull from for your event. With our assistance, you can save time, ease your stress and enjoy the fun stuff.

With John's personal experience and mentoring of many currently in the tent industry, we are proud that we specialize in outdoor and tented events, and confident that we can advise and assist with all aspects and details.

Event Coordination

J J L Events will save you time by helping with fine-tuning all of the details of your event and, if you wish, coordinating those details during your event. We'll work with you to review your contracts and plans to ensure everything has been considered and all answers determined before the event. We manage communications and expectations with any changes or additional requests from you or any vendors or suppliers participating in your event.

Installation, Set-up and Onsite Services

When any details are booked through J J L Events, we are there throughout - visible during the installation, set-up and teardown of your event to ensure that all is looked after to your satisfaction. We are invisible during your event. If you need us, you will find us behind the scenes ensuring that any problems that do arise are taken care of promptly, quietly and efficiently.

From beginning to end, we're with you every step of the way.